“Money is flowing out of conventional assets into Bitcoin due to the escalating risks of global currency devaluation, technology disruption, social dislocation & political uncertainty. This is not a “rally” or “bubble” - it’s a chain reaction spreading like a fire in cyberspace.” - Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy

This article was additionally published by Coinmotion, the leading digital asset exchange in Nordics.

Metcalfe’s Law was originally presented in 1980 by Robert Metcalfe, describing “compatible communicating devices”. The theory was later refined in 1993 by George Gilder, referring to Ethernet. In its basic form, Metcalfe’s Law states that the…

Correlation between bitcoin and gold has been one of the favourite industry-related topics lately. Bitcoin’s key narrative as “digital gold” has been relevant as the asset is considered to be in the same scarce resource segment with physical gold. In 2019, bitcoin’s correlation with gold grew from May negative values…


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